Artificial Intelligence
to Shape the Future

Unleashing the power of AI to make an impact and trigger fundamental changes..

Our domain driven AI Accelerators to fast track your digital transformation

We use emerging AI-driven technologies to develop world changing commercial platforms and solutions for our clients.

We help our clients in enhancing productivity, increase efficiencies and improve ROI by deploying value based cognitive automation solutions to transform both customer engagement and business processes.

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Unleashing the power of AI based technologies to make an impact and empower us to change the world.

Our mission is to use AI and Machine Learning based technologies to solve some of society's biggest challenges.

We partner with customers and partners including NGO/Research Organizations, Government Agencies , Technology organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders on the ground to build creative, AI based solutions to solve complex, social problems.

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AI for Business

Our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and accelerators are removing both technical and talent-related barriers of entry for our clients.

Data Extraction & Management

Help enterprises to extract, transform and enrich data from multiple data sources.

AI CoE Development

Accelerate organizations’ time-to-market goals with our focused AI solutions.

AI Workforce Augmentation

Bring value based integration opportunities where humans can excel along with its AI based counterparts.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our experts help secure the fastest time-to-value and best ROI for organization’s AI implementations.

DevSecOps for AI

Ensuring quality, security and compliance integrated across the spectrum.

AI Accelerators Co-Build

Empowering and Enabling customers to collaborate, innovate and cobuild next generation products and platforms.

AI for Social Impact

We are committed to use Artificial Intelligence based technologies, resources, and expertise to empower those working to solve some of the complex environmental, humanitarian, climate change, and other fundamental social problems in order to make a difference to mother earth.

AI for Environment

We partner with NGOs and Research organizations who support projects that change the way people and organizations monitor, model, and ultimately manage the environment, natural resources and the mother earth.

AI for Research

Our pre-trained AI Accelerators helping healthcare providers and researchers with faster, accurate data extraction, analysis and solutioning.

AI for Medicine & Healthcare

Using AI, ML ,NLP and Predictive Analytics, we help organizations in extracting and organizing research data from clinical trial notes and other medical documents and drug discovery.

Our mission is to help organizations to achieve sustainable, profitable growth by enabling responsible and ethical use of AI in collaboration with its human resources.


We are agile. We use the best in class SDLC and DevOps practices to reduce process complexity across.

Domain Ready

Pre-trained cognitive modules to reduce the implementation timeframe and detect value early.

Value Addition

Our experts use cognitive process mining and discovery solutions to identify the best automation and transformation areas, which leads to increased efficiencies and improved ROI for our customers.

Awesome Team

Our founders passionately believes in AI's ability to improve the human experience. Core team include AI & ML Experts, Data Scientists, Technology Sales Leaders , People & Portfolio Managers 80 plus years worth of global technology & business expertise from both Corporate and Startup worlds